Coke Kahani Sitcom on Hum TV, Urdu 1 & PTV

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(Last Updated On: 27/02/2013)

Coke Kahani is the 13 episodes sitcom which is made with the famous beverage company and it is directed by the Pakistan’s leading female director Mehreen Jabbar. The whole cost of this sitcom consist of Syra Yousuf, Faisal Rahman, Sonai Rehman and Yaris Hussain. This sitcom has been produced by the Adeel Farhan while script has been written by the well-known writer, Syed Muhammad Ahmad. It can be watched not only on HUM TV but on the PTV Home as well. The major object of this sitcom is to spirit the message for people that eating together is well because it strengthen bounds or to make the people encourages for sharing and caring. It is also the part of company’s marketing and meal campaign to do this sitcom for TV with unique idea. In this sitcom, Mehreen as a director has showed her true talent as can see through the sitcom’s sophisticated cinematography like through lighting, framing and colors.

She actually creates her work for this sitcom by using narrative style. All the actors in this sitcom have done their work in excellent way. It is complete family sitcom where whole focus is made to make family jell together by through eating and drinking. The story of this sitcom was very interesting with the mixture of humour and seriousness due to which it has capture number of people.

In the end, it would say “Coke Kahani” is the perfect sitcom which is different from other usual sitcoms as it is complete package of comedy and drama.

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