Fawad Khan & Nida Khan in Drama Amar-Bail Written by Umera Ahmad

According to the new leaks, the heart-throbbing Fawab Khan and charming Nida Khan are going to work together in an upcoming television project, called “Amar-Bail”. It is defiantly a treat for Fawad and Nida’s fan to see them together in a common serial. There is no further news about the duo or the project, except that it is based on Umera Ahmed’s best seller, Amar-Bail.
Fawad is a well-celebrated personality of our television industry while a little is known yet about Nida. As she has not done much as yet in the dramas except for playing the role of Parsa’s daughter in HUM TV’s serial named “Parsa”. Fans of both are very happy and excited about the serial and hoping that like all other serials by Fawad, “Amar Bail’ will also do great on the television.
Umera Ahmad is not a hidden name in the drama industry, her novels sell like cookies around the world. It is a socio-romantic novel about Umer and Aleezay. It unveils the bureaucratic culture in Pakistan. It also depicts many realities of our society, like broken family relationships, insecurity, complex, lust for power, sacrifices for love and many more.

It talks about injustice and corruption luring like black magic in our society. How culprits exploit people lesser than them in our society. It also portrays the psychological conditions of different people suffering in one way or the other in this setup. It has drawn a true picture of a society in which the role of human emotions has seldom any meanings and how they are crushed brutally at times.
Now in this drama, Fawad will play the role of Umer Jahangir while Nida will portray Aleezay Sikander’s part. Umer is very different from the conventional protagonists, who are perfect at everything; Umer is the opposite. He is a realistic hero with all his short-comings and problems. He is a good-natured man from inside and longs for love but scarify it when circumstances challenge him. Aleezey is a loving with many complexes in her life. Now how they two come together is the subject of this serial.

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One Reply to “Fawad Khan & Nida Khan in Drama Amar-Bail Written by Umera Ahmad”
  • zainab
    13/07/2013 at 12:58 AM

    i wax waitng for this newx cz i saw amer bail on indus channel it was directd and castd so badamer bail novel ix awsom n i'm watmg to see fawad n nida in thix drama n grany should be da one who wax in saiqa.


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