Geo Kahani New Channel of Geo Network Replace ”AAG TV”

(Last Updated On: 08/05/2013)

“Geo Kahani” is a new channel committed to excellence. The breaking news is “AAG TV” which was launched, about seven years back is going to take the shape of a new channel “Geo Kahani”. The channel replacement took place to adhere to the latest demands of public and information technology. It is a good sign of modernization in Pakistan. Geo believes in competing and keep changing according to the latest demands of time and technology so this step is very favourable in the Pakistani media history. Geo Kahani is airing its test transmission right now and soon is going to start in next few weeks.
As its name shows, Geo Kahani will show different ‘’Kahani’” (stories) national and international with Urdu dubbing. It will compete with other entertainment channels by airing quality serials and series. Pakistani public and foreign watchers all are enthusiastic about this decision of Geo. They are eagerly waiting for a new-born channel to launch officially, so that its spectators could watch latest entertaining dramas and shows.

Geo Kahani is in fact, improvement of Geo’s previous channel AAG. It is shutting down to revive and renovate. This renovation is great in terms of technology because the new channel will be decked with latest techniques, technologies and hence it will entertain the public keeping to-the-minute bash rules in mind.
It seems that Pakistani Communication is entering into a new era of technology and soon we will be able to watch it competing with International channels as it is successful in raising its standards; Geo Kahani is an example. Geo Network has given birth to it for the sake of quality dramas to reach its viewers.
With the increasing demands of foreign soup serials, Geo decided to show them in Geo Kahani. So it is adorned with Turkish Soup Serials, Indian and some Pakistani Dramas. Its test transmissions are on-air these days and it is already displaying the upcoming serial promos. Public response about it is wonderful, people love change and Geo Kahani is indeed, a sensational change!


  • when geo network ended the agg channel we all are upset but now we happy they give us entertainment he entertainment geo kahani is best dramas channel in Pakistan and its dramas are amazing i love mera sultan, intikam and other Pakistani dramas.

  • I really love your Turkish Drama (Bawafai) but you only show it once why there’s no repeat , please very kindly repeat Bawafai more than once , we all family wait to see Bawafai , shall be greatfull. Tahira. Begum and family

  • Geo Kahani is the best tv channel as the result of aag tv. It is well for promote the culture of Pakistan. Youth also like it very much.

  • Slam
    Geo kahani,any discovery channels,geo nat and star channels ki biss key send ker dain .03336301236

  • turkish shows sirf bahana tha, actual intent of geo was to bring content of india on pakistani screen and urdu1 gave them easy access to make it possible. it was decided in march 2012 by geo heads. wakeup pakistani poeple you are pawns in this mess to ruin our tv industryas its the only thing tht is making money these days. otherwise we hav no concerts,no film industry and no acting instututes. wakeup!

  • Geo had been looking fro reeason to bring indian shows to pakistani screens for over 4 years and now finally they have found a way. urdu1 channel ki copy kari hai inho ney. sarabjit ke case ke aad saray pakistani actors jo india mein kaam kar rahe thay unke visa cancel karkle pakistan wapas bhej diya hai aur hum yaha bhooke nangay kutto ki tarha unke shoiws buy kar rahe hai. hamari tv industry bhi maar do. geo is a sister channel of times of india and they support indian culture and governemnt. they have been brainwashing our youth since 2004 making them think indians are nice and like thier content but indians hate us and ban our channels. GEO is poison for our industry, we should boycott indian showsand GEO ke saaray channels!
    agar apko lagta hai mein jhoot bol rahi hoo then go research all tht happensin delhi office of times of india between top heads of times of india group and heads of geo channel!

  • plz some one tell me how can i watch jeo kahani on Asiasat 3S.i have make a new search but jeo kahani shows encrypt programme.is jeo kahani needs a channel code?if so,what is the code then?i did not find this code on google plz help me

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  • kindly play the tv show '' SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM'' at geo kahani. i want to watch it .. please… it wil increase your popularity more and there is no show for kid at geo… thankyou.

  • Can anyone tell me the name of the song which is played when Geo Kahani advertisement is shown in which he sings Tanananaaaaa.

  • Intikam is an excellent selection… it is a very awaited and popular turkish series… and a great com back of beren saat(bihter)… hopefully the dubbing will be good as the dialoges are very intense and deep.. and pls choose a good dubber for beren saat,pls pls pls

  • mera sultan is superb drama and i want to see intikam also plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz intikam laga dain and turkish dramas are better than our dramas so keep going with turky

  • What kind of sensational change geo wants to bring??? The Turkish dramas and Indian dramas are not the part of culture. Why geo wants our people to learn these culture?? U are calling this ' a good sign of modernization in Pakistan'???? I am sorry to ask is this the modernization to forget our national identity and our own Islamic culture.In drama Mera Sultan the dancing girls arousing indecency in men with half naked chest is not at all our Pakistani culture. What modern in that?? What geo wants to educate our nation. And it is not the demand of 18 crore people. Actually our majority of the public has become accustomed shame fully of watching ladies in inappropriate dresses because of cheaply available Indian films in the market. Sorry to say that India has surely won the cultural war against Pakistan through its media war. Geo has already been telecasting Indian dramas on Pakistani channel which is a shame ful act. Geo shoul stop broadcast ing India n soups on its Pakistani channel. We are proud of ou r own talent , culture and VALUES. We are not in inferiority complex. We dont want to copy others. Geo is helping Indian media in portraying their culture in Pakistan by broadcast ing their award shows, Dance shows in very wrong dresses and Indian movies on Saturday nights. Please stop spoiling our poor nation. Geo shoulld be mirror image of our society not the Indian or Turkish society. Hamari Qaum ko na Jalal ki zarorat hai na Jamal ki …….. HAMARI QAUM KO EDUCATED HONEY KI ZARORAT HAI INCLUDING MEDIA.

  • Having repeatedly seen snapshots of drama/shows to be aired on Geo Kahani, I am disappointed to know that the focus of GEO is largely on foreign dramas and serials. Not only are these serials not in sync with Pakistan's cultural and Islamic values, but encourage tastes of westernized wealthy clothing and values amongst Pakistan's large poverty-stricken hungry citizens. Who are these serials aimed for and what is their purpose? Pakistan was foundeed on the basis of the two-nation theory, a separate state for Muslims and Hindus, then why do we continue to import Hindu values by showing Indian drama serials. What type of "modernization" does Geo Kahani intending to bring to Pakistan by showing semi-bare chested foreign women as well as Indian women in sexy clothing? What hope do the social issues of the wealthy and elite class reflected in these foreign serials provide millions of poor Pakistanis? What kind of mindset do we want to give our younger generations?

    Pakistan is currently at the crossroads of cultural, social and electoral challenges. As a society, our values and heritage are continuously being crushed. Differences along ethnic and political lines are breaking the country. I challenge Geo Kahani to take the path less travelled by. Indeed, media is one of the most important social institutions today and Geo plays an integral role in influencig millions of Pakistanis. Why not encourage the nation to unite by showing dramas that encourage national harmony and strength. Why not aire serials that illustrate the values of our forefathers. Why not highlight the Islamic values of modesty, simplicity, patience, truthfulness and tolerance? We need a media revolution and Geo Kahani has an oppotunity to be part of this revolution by taking bold steps to represent our social and cultural heritage and encourage national unity and harmoney amongst different ethnicities. Issues of the socially "oopressed" and downtrodden need to be highlighte, including solutions….the narrow focus on the elite class and their "issues" must change!

    • Geo will never do that as its a sister channel of times of india group. please go ask hum tv that which have worked so tirelessly to revive pakistani tvindustry and made shows like daastaan, expecting geo to do that is like asking the enemy to heal your wound which they have given you themselves. it was on agenda of GEO to create a seperate channel. a delegation of peace ambassadors gave the idea to make a seperaste channel to air in both country tht can give access to media of other country on it, geo accepted it and times of india did not due to pressure from thier governemnt which is racist, you should research what happens in delhi office of timesof india group. please wakeup! thenation is being fed poison from the otherside, geo ka agenda is to brainwash our youth to think indiais good and like thier culture. while india has put a nationwide ban on pakistani content.

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