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Girl Kissed & Hug Atif Aslam

Girl Kissed & Hug Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam known for his unique voice and high pitch songs has been through some akward situations with girls during his shows. No doubt Atif fan following is increasing day by day and most of his fans are kind of extremest when it comes to reach Atif Aslam on stage. A recent show  Sur ka Shetr is an example of such situation in wich  a gil fan of atif aslam came to stage while he was singing and after reaching stage she did what Atif wasn’t expecting she hugged and kissed atif aslam and blooking at atifs reaction this act it was very clear that he is shocked and amazed by what the girl has done with him on stage.  A very mixed reaction can be seen on the face of one can say after watching that  atif aslam has no idea what to do in a situation like that and he was blushing. Anothe incident like this took place when atif aslam was performing in Kinnard college Lahore when a fan came  on stage and hugged him aggressively and then left the stage.

Atif Aslam with friends
Atif Aslam with friends

Atif was shocked and amazed at same time and just let it go. Another akward situation that was extreme happend in Auckland where Atif was performing live and suddenly a girl took off her shirt and threw it on famous and rocking singer the shirt reached Atif easily. Reacting to the situation Atif showed maturenss and very gently removed that shirt form his body and continued the song and kept his nerves strong and responded well to the situation. Well such time comes during a carrer of rock star like a Atif Aslam. Atif has remained very lucky that he has only received things in appreciation of his songs otherwise actors and singers also face tomatos.

Girl Kissed Atif Aslam:

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  1. Atif bhai main aap k bht sy fans main sy aik fan hun Main bi singr banna chahta hun apke tarha.

  2. U r very cute n i am your biggest fan. love u!



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