Junoon Tere Pyar Ka Turkish Drama Serial by Hum TV

(Last Updated On: 22/10/2013)

Junoon tere pyar ka is a Turkish drama which is dubbed in Urdu. It is broadcast on hum tv. Turkish dramas are very famous in Pakistan TV channels in these days and especially their love stories are very interesting and are liked by people of Pakistan. After TV channel Urdu 1, Geo TV, Geo Kahani channels now Hum TV also launched a Turkish love story serial ‘Junoon Terry Pyar Ka’. Urdu 1, Geo TV, Geo Kahani TV channels introduces many Turkish dramas to Pakistani people while humtv is going to introduce Turkish drama first time on a TV channel.

In Turkish language the name of this drama is Lale Devri which means Tulip while here in Pakistan its name is janoon tery pyar ka. People are likening to see the Turkish drama but there is negative response also. When Turkish drama first time started on Pakistani channels many actors and producer don’t want to launch dramas on other countries but people like to see these dramas and that is why many Turkish dramas are seeing this year on different TV channels.

The story of this drama is reality based and common aspects of life are shown in this drama. The story of this drama is about two famous families of turkey. Tashkiran’ and ‘Yalgaz’ are two characters of this drama and families of both these families are famous for many years and feuding for years. Tashkiran’ is very rich and lives in a famous city of turkey Istanbul and faces many bankruptcy cases. While on the other hand Yalgaz’ beings from the middle class of society and has hold of money and also has a good hold on traditional values of society and family. Both these families are against one another.

Every family wants that there should be only hold of it on all cultures. So both are enemies of each other but their children fall in love with one another and want to marry but they don’t discuss this thing with their elders because they know both families are enemies of one another. Both these characters look very beautiful in the form of couples. But it is not confirmed that their love changes into marriage or not. Both may get married but keep this thing secret from their families and when their families come to know about their relation there may be a crisis and complexities in families’ relations. Pakistani people have a good response about their love and they want that they both should marry. There is the hope of the channels to love and see this drama and hope of good response.

Junoon Tere Pyar Ka Turkish Drama Serial by Hum TV:



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