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Justuju ARY Digital Drama Serial

Justuju ARY Digital Drama Serial

Justuju is a  new drama serial directed by talented Misbha Khalid. Justuju is aired on Ary Digital every Thursday at 8:00pm PST. It is written by Naushaba Brohi star cast includes Maria Wasti , Zhalay Sarhadi , Hassan Ahmed ,Shamoon Abassi , Manzoor Qureshi and many other well known artists. In this drama serial Noushaba Brohi has highlighted a very sensitive issue of our society. A lady who is unable to bear children falls prey to the cruel society. Society treats her unkindly ignoring her feelings. Ary is focusing on the real life happenings.

Fake smiles and happiness that come from a life lived with a lie
Viewers will see Zhalay Sarhadi as Sabhia and Hassan Ahmed as Tahir in Justuju.

Story: Sabhia and Tahir both husband and wife were living a perfect married life with their only child. Their life, in fact their relationship got twisted after the loss of their beloved son. Happiness somehow vanished from the couple’s life. Tahir could not manage to deal with that huge loss and turned into an inflexible and irritated person. On the other hand Sabiha, his wife got sunk because of her child’s. This kind of a situation is very difficult to absorb for parents. But the problem got severe when they both locked themselves in shells unwilling to nurture their relationship.

On the other side, Aliya is living a very challenging life with her emotionally cold hubby Hashim.  An unloving husband, Maria Wasti has played the role of Aliya and Shamoon Hashmi has played Hashim. Shamoon has played this kind of role before in other dramas as well. Aliya has strong urge of becoming a mother but her husband doesn’t want children. Aliya’s longing of being a mother has overcomed all her wishes.

The drama is depicting the two opposite sides. In this story where there is frustration, selfishness and discomfort amongst the couples Dr Haroon is a voice of comfort and support. Manzoor Qureshi has played the character of Dr. Haroon. There are so many other happenings in the drama. follow up Justuju on Ary Digital and see how the writer has revealed the bitterness of the society.

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  1. Justuji is one of my favorite drama serial on ARY Digital. After the scandalous wallpapers of Maria Wasti, she is getting fame day by day. Hence i am also a big fan of her, and want to see her in more Pakistani dramas.

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