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Simple & Easy Hairstyle for this Eid

Simple & Easy Hairstyle for this Eid

Eid-ul-Fitr is not too far. Everyone has started the preparations of the EID. Everyone might be looking for a dress, shoes and even jewelry for looking perfectly dressed for the special event of Eid. In addition, might be thinking about the hairstyles for the EID. Hair styles always change with seasons and every girl wants to look glamorous and different at such special occasions. Hairstyles for Eid-UL-Fitr 2013 are very stylish and fashionable that will make every girl look perfect on this Eid.

Long hair is always in fashion and will never go out of the style and every girl wants to make styles with long hairs. There are so many hair styles for girls at the event for the occasion of EID. Girls of different ages make different hairstyles according to their facial shape and age.

There are different hairstyles like wavy, curl and straight.

  • Top knot hair style, the hairs caught at the back of the head and ponytail made at the back of the head. Front hairs folded on the one side. The pony tail is then folded at the back and hairpins used to catch the hairs in the form of a ball. Baby pins are used to tight the hairs. A little part of the hairs bent on the other side of the previous pony tail.
  • Make a braid of the hairs on one side of the head. Then Wrap the braid around the base of your bun and use U- shaped baby pins. To make the hairstyle looking chic, use Hairspray or hair gel. This hair style is very common in Pakistan and girls really enjoy this is a style.
  • Another hairstyle that is very common in this year and especially for this EID is side braid. It is very easy and simple and gives stylish look to you. In this style, you should first straight the hairs. Then put all the hairs on one side of the head, and make the braids on the top of the nape at distance of 3 inches from one braid to the other. Hairs in this are on one side only and hairpins used to bind the hairs in final touch. On the other side of the head, you can put some free hairs to give a beautiful look.
  • Another hairstyle that girls can adopt at the event of EID as well as casual hairstyles, this is a twist style of hairs. It looks rough but stylish also. In this style twist your hairs and put the hairs at the back of the neck. Thin pieces of the hairs twisted and folded into one another to give a stylish look. You can pin up the hairs on the back.
  • Another hairstyle for EID is side pony tail. First, straight your hairs and then make a pony tail on the side of your head near your ear. It is very simple and beautiful hairstyle and gives stylish look to you. Therefore, girls can enjoy these styles at EID.

Simple & Easy Hairstyle for this Eid:


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