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Nadia Khan v/s Shahista Wahidi

Nadia Khan vs. Shahista Wahidi

Shaista Wahidi who became Shaista Lodhi earlier this year after her divorce is a TV anchor. She is mother to three children named Shafay, Faiz and Eeman. She hosts “Utho Jago Pakistan” which is aired on GEO TV and it is Pakistan’s number 1 morning show. She is the sister of a very well-known anchor Sahir Lodhi. Nadia Khan is a TV actress and host who have a much longer career as compared to Shaista Wahidi. She hosts the show “Nadia Khan Show” on GEO TV as well. Both of them are very good presenters and anchors. Due to growing popularity of both these stars they are often compared to each other. Both have a huge fan base and it is really hard to decide which one of them is the best TV anchor.
However in recent years both of these stars are not in good relations with each other. The reason obviously is the competition. Both of them want to be called “The Best”. Both have reasons to be criticised. Some of the prominent reasons are discussed below.

Shaista Wahidi has been accused several times of copying Nadia Khan. Both of them have not been saying well about each other even when live on air. Even the guests and people who call in their show points things like that.
Once a fan called in Shaista Wahidi’s show and asked whether via this program, is she representing a Muslim country when she has no dopatta on and does the Sahir Lodhi show should be allowed to run where he hugs people regardless of their gender and do everything which is not a part of Islam? Many people liked the points raised by the caller and appreciated his stand.
On the other hand Nadia Khan is being criticised regularly because she talks too much and overacting is her speciality. Even guests invited in the show sometimes argue that they have been feeling dominated and not allowed to talk due to constant interruptions.
The common part between both these rivals is that they have bright careers and they saw the peak of fame and popularity but none of these two made a successful marital life as both of them are divorced although Nadia Khan is re-married now. Whether Shaista is copying Nadia, Nadia make fun of Sahir Lodhi to infuriate Shaista or it is the issue of interrupting their guests, the trend is being copied by hosts of other TV channels and both of them are the trendsetters.

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