Mahnoor Baloch & Humayun Saeed Bold Video Scene Leaked

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(Last Updated On: 06/08/2013)

Mahnoor Baloch is top film actress and model in Pakistan. She is Pakistan‘s most beautiful and talented actress. She is also a great director. She has a unique personality and beautiful face which appeals and relates to every woman. She is a model, performer and director at the same time. She has a good background in the film industry and in Pakistan dramas and modeling. She has a charming personality. Hamyauon seed is Pakistan actor he is TV actor, film actor and producer and model. He accepted roles in various drama serials of different Pakistani TV channels, appearing alongside other actors such as Aaminah Haq and Faryal Gohar. Taking up modeling as a side-by-side profession, hamayun Saeed soon received coverage for “his looks, his etiquette and above all, for his impressive voice.

Like mahnoor baloch, he also has good background in the TV and film industry of Pakistan. Recently mahnoor baloch and hamayun saeed made such a bold scène that liked by the majority of Pakistani peoples. Pakistani actors are promoting vulgarity in the country by playing vulgar shoots. The majority of people is rising questions that why actors are promoting vulgar videos in Pakistan. Hamayu seed and mahnoor baloch new movie MAIN HOON SHAHID AFRIDI’ song MASTI MAIN DOOBI RATT HY has released at the social media and people has watched video of this song.

Very vulgar scenes made in this movie. As mahnoor, baloch is in the age of 50s so such scenes not suiting her. This is a very shameful video especially if someone talks about a Pakistani Islamic republic. So the question is this why the film actors of Pakistan have forgotten their ethics and boundaries of that their religion has made for the. MASTI MAIN DOOBI RATT HY is a song, which is scenes by hamayun, said, mahnoor Baloch, and mathira is an item number, which has shot in a bar. Most of the ladies wearing two pieces only with deep necks of shirts and are in front of cameras intending. If such situations produced in an Islamic country then why the people will not stand up against such movies. People have always admired mahnoor Baloch for her awesome and good acting but after the scene that is, leaked people are against her. This song possesses only vulgarity reloaded in its genome that the means in which Humayun Saeed viewed taking pleasure in staying encircled simply by 50 % bare females and mahnoor Baloch has created shameful scenes with humayun Mathira also found influencing your pet having just about every contour your lover can have exhibited upon TV screen. Now the limited video of these scenes has leaked and people are so it is about time to dilemma the freshly formed federal involving Pakistan about the constitutional laws. This flick movie swill is delivering on event of EID UL FITR, which is a religious event for Muslims, but Muslims are airing such vulgar movies of this event so this is a shameful thing for Pakistani film actors.

Mahnoor Baloch & Humayun Saeed Bold Video Scene Leaked:

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