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Mann K Motti Geo TV Drama Serial

Mann K Motti Geo TV Drama Serial

Famous writer, Kifayat Rodhani has come up with a marvelous presentation called “Mann K Moti”. Nadeem Sidique is the director this time while A&B productions have promoted it. There are many celebrated shinny stars working in it like Faisal Qureshi, Yasra Rizva, Asma Abbas, Sohaee Abro, Waseem Abbas, Faizan Khawaja, Ali Sheikh, Mizna Waqas, Mona Shah, Sundus Tariq & many more. Mann k Moti is directed whole-heartedly. It is compelling to notice that not only the director but the whole team has worked like anything to make it a success. Drama depicts a bitter reality of our society where people have become so rude and rowdy to help mankind. There is no guardian to the orphans and probably their life is the harshest of all.

It is based on the life of a single mother, her role, her problems plus her sufferings without a husband. The story makes us think about the idea of re-marrying of a mother, whether it is suitable for her children or not. In “Mann K Moti” a mom like the above mentioned, decides to re-marry a wealthy man for the sake of her little children. But life has something else to do; her marriage turns sour because the man rejects to guard his step-children after tying the knot.
Waseem Abbas has played the role of a hard-hearted step-father who marries a woman to get his own kids a “Mother” but in returns, says “No” to his step youngsters. It is cruel but real. In reality, such cases happen since our society is full of selfishness, self-centered and careless. Selfish, because everyone prefer their own interests, self-centered, as there is no rule of helping poor out & careless for none of us, show compassion for our suffering kinship even. No one bothers even if a hungry child is dying outside, people will pass by him as if nothing important has happened. Therefore,  Geo’s play “Mann K Moti” is a true portrayal of our scornful society in which no one could survive but big guns.

Mann K Motti Geo TV Drama Serial:

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  1. it was such a nice drama i ever seen in my life all the cast showeda great performance esspecially gudoo

  2. acha drama lag raha ha

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