Mathira’s item number Lakk Ch Current

Following the footsteps of ever controversial Meera and Veena, yet another controversial queen has crossed borders to Indian Cinema. However, for once this is a different realm. As most Lollywood actresses struggled hard in the Indian Punjabi Industry to get a shot in Bollywood, the yoga instructor turned VJ Mathira Mohammed have recently performed on an item in the Punjabi Comedy Flick “Young Malang”. The song has been titled as Lakk Ch Current and in the words of Mathira, Rahulinder Singh (Producer of the film) is a dear friend of hers and Rahulinder himself approached Mathira for the item number.

According to Mathira, Young Malang which has been released on 20th September is not a romantic but instead a comedy flick that you won’t dare to miss! In the song (Lakk Ch Current), Mathira is seen wearing a red ghaghra choli. The song was shot in Chandigarh four months before yet Mathira never disclosed anything about it on her own. When asked her about it, Mathira stated `why I need to beat the drums as it would be childish to act for something before it even happens. Nothing less, the Glamour Girl Mathira is also joining the ranks of Pakistani artists who want to make their mark on the Indian Cinema.

Despite the professional critics, Mathira is among those people who feel that India and Pakistan are not very much different from each other as they share a lot in common. When asked about it, Mathira replied that we both share almost the same culture, same food and same lifestyle so there is no need to talk big. Well the fact is Mathira is not the first one and won`t be the last one to do this as today not only actresses and singers are flying to India but actors like Fawad Afzal Khan has also joined this race.

Mathira’s item number Lakk Ch Current:


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