Lahore Postal Codes Guide


In our pursuit of delivering precise and timely information, we present a comprehensive guide to Lahore postal codes, ensuring that your mails and packages reach their destinations accurately. The Lahore postal code, also known as ZIP code, is a vital piece of information that streamlines the sorting and delivery process, guaranteeing the efficiency of postal services in the City of Gardens.


Understanding Lahore Postal Codes

The Lahore postal code, universally designated as 54000, serves as the primary identifier for the city. However, it is essential to recognize that within Lahore, different areas have distinct postal codes. This strategic division facilitates the meticulous organization of packages, ensuring that each locality receives its mail promptly.

Navigating Lahore’s Postal Code Landscape

For your convenience, here is a curated list of Lahore postal codes for various areas:

Bata Pur

Postal Code: 53400

CMA Cantt. Lahore

Postal Code: 54800

Ferozepur Road Lahore

Postal Code: 54600

Gulberg Colony

Postal Code: 54660


Postal Code: 54850

Kahna Nau

Postal Code: 53100

Lahore Cantt. GPO

Postal Code: 54810

Lahore Defence Housing Society

Postal Code: 54792

Lahore Ismail Nagar

Postal Code: 54760

Model Town Lahore

Postal Code: 54700


Postal Code: 54870


Township Sector A-1 Lahore

Postal Code: 54770


Postal Code: 53600

Aitchison College

Postal Code: 54030


Postal Code: 54020

Awan Colony

Postal Code: 54780


Postal Code: 54920

Bahria Town

Postal Code: 53720


Postal Code: 55210


Postal Code: 53200

Chah Miran

Postal Code: 54900


Postal Code: 53800


Postal Code: 53500

Kohinoor Energy

Postal Code: 55160

Lahore Iqbal Town

Postal Code: 54570

Lahore EME Society PO

Postal Code: 53710

Lahore Engineering University

Postal Code: 54890

Lahore GPO

Postal Code: 54000

Lahore Multan Road

Postal Code: 54500

Lahore New University Campus

Postal Code: 54590

Lahore PMG Punjab Post Office

Postal Code: 54560

Lahore P&T Audit

Postal Code: 54550

Lahore Punjab Governor House

Postal Code: 54880

Lahore Secondary Board

Postal Code: 54650

Lahore Shadman Women Model PO

Postal Code: 54610

Manga Mandi

Postal Code: 55270


Postal Code: 54790


Postal Code: 54840


Postal Code: 54010

Thokar Niaz Beg

Postal Code: 53700


Postal Code: 55150

Shah Alam Market

Postal Code: 54100

Shahdara Bagh

Postal Code: 54950

Shahi Mohallah

Postal Code: 54110

Timber Market

Postal Code: 54120

With this detailed guide, we empower you with the knowledge needed to accurately fill the ZIP code section when sending something to Lahore. Our commitment to providing the most relevant and precise information positions us as your go-to resource for all matters related to Lahore postal codes.

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