Funny and Cute Nicknames for Friends in Urdu


In Pakistan, it is observed that on a birth of baby there is a big confusion on selecting their names, whether it is a boy or a girl. After a long and deep discussions with friends and family, parents of the baby select his or her name with lots of love and happiness, but after the selection of the names, there are some people with their own style of names for that baby, neglecting the real name, they start using nicknames, sometimes very funny and sometimes very cheap as well. Whatever the situation is, nicknames forces to smile and laugh, even on some sad occasions. Here are some examples of such nicknames given below:

  1. Iqbaal = Baala
  2. Mahmood = Mooda
  3. Saleem = Seemi
  4. Altaaf = Taafa
  5. Shaukat = Shoka
  6. Jamila = Jeeli
  7. Jamil = Jilaa
  8. Nasim = simaa
  9. Aziz = Jijaa
  10. Rashid = Shidaa
  11. Nazir = Jiraa
  12. Latif = Tifaa
  13. Rafiq = Fikaa
  14. Shafiq = Shiko
  15. Faqir = Kiro
  16. Bilal = Billu
  17. Shameem = Meemo
  18. Ferzana = Fari
  19. Ayesha = Aashi
  20. Perveen = Peeno
  21. Rasheed = Sheeda
  22. Bilal = Baali
  23. Majeed = Mujji
  24. Kamran = Kaka
  25. Dawood = Daadoo

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