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Shazia Manzoor to Judge Indian Musical Show

Shazia Manzoor to Judge Indian Musical Show

Nowadays the trend of musical shows and competition is on its peak, every channel either Indian or  Pakistani does have a musical competition show in its list. People of Indo-Pak subcontinent really enjoys such kind of reality shows and competitive programs. It all started from famous American program “American Idol” the format was copied by Indian channel and started series of Indian Idol which became huge success and people started following it. Looking at the growth and potential in such musical competitions other Indian channels started producing musical competition programs.

The trend of the musical competition shows started 5 to 6 years back and its increasing day by day. Now music competition programs have been designed for every age group. Starting from 4 year children to 60 year singers. To make these competition more authentic senior singers are hired to judge the talent of the singers and accord marks accordingly. Judges are highly paid and are given respect as well.

This time Pakistan’s lovely voice Shazia Manzoor have called by an Indian channel to judge a musical competition program. Shazia will be spending whole month of Ramzan in India to shoot the program and give her services as judge. Shazia will be trying hard to finish shooting in a month and come back to celebrate Eid in Pakistan. Before Shaiza Manzoor Atif Aslam, Abida Parveen and Ghulam Ali have judged music competition Programs in India. The trend of music competition programs is also increasing in Pakistani channels as well. Different Pakistani channels have started such competition programs and have kept a huge amount of prize money for the winner of the competition.

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