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Shiraz Uppal Song in Bollywood Movie Raanjhnaa

(Last Updated On: 02/08/2013)

Shiraz Uppal is a renowned name in the music industry of Pakistan and also in the Indian Bollywood.  He is a singer, songwriter and music producer by profession and a while ago had left his music career and moved to America to find spiritual peace and look forward to the treatment of his wife from cancer. His comeback took place at the One World Peace concert in Syracuse NY on 9th Oct 2012 and sang with A R Rehman. During his stay in America he realised that music was his passion and in America it was seen as a cure for illnesses, to heal a broken heart and in some places to understand a confusing matter like feeling of anger or love.

Shiraz has found the ground of his music that is love and peace which he had written mostly for his wife and do not resent. Shiraz is the owner of songs in which the rivers of words flow and so had gotten the privilege to sing songs for Bollywood movies like Shakalaka Baby in Nayak, Roya Re in Dhoka and Rabba in Aashayein. In 2010 he had sang Pakistani dramas soundtracks such as the famous song and drama Pehla Pehla Pyar and had won the Indian Mirchi Award for the best upcoming music director. He had also been a judge in ARY Digital Pakistan Music Stars competition and many other live shows.

His latest song Raanjhanaa, for the movie Raanjhanaa had earned him a favourable gesture by many famous Indian stars like Sonam and Anil Kapoor and a song which is on the tongue of every other person. This song has reached the top charts under the rating of every critic, channel, fan favourite and radio channel. His voice is what gives him a peculiar place from every other singer in the music world.

Shiraz Uppal Song in Bollywood Movie Raanjhnaa:

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  • Shiraz Uppal Song in Bollywood Movie Raanjhnaa is very beautiful movie and its song is also a nice and very good i love these songs also my friends say me we here and like them so much

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