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Taar-E-Ankaboot Geo Tv Drama Serial

Taar-E-Ankaboot Geo Tv Drama Serial

Taar- e- Ankaboot is a drama serial presented on GEO Television Network. GEO had always appreciated the work of new and old artists, directors, writers and producers. This had made them acquire the status of being the only channel presenting the dramas with most unique stories and other entertainment as well. Along with many renowned dramas aired by GEO, Taar-e- Ankaboot is also going to be one of its strongest viewer’s achievers.

Taar-e- Anakboot story is scripted by Fasih Bari and had been directed by Mazhar Moin. It holds the cast of the most experienced and artist’s best in the field of acting. This cast includes Uzma Gilani, Resham, ZQ, Hina Dilpazeer, Jia Ali, Ali Tahir and others.

Fasih Bari is known for evolving amazing stories related to black magic before as well and has now again put together a very strong script based on the acts of a revolving around the  human psychology and has inspired the story with the blindness caused by the black magic. His main goal seems to make the people be aware of the darkness behind black magic and how in today’s vast life it still is a part of the life of many people.

Uzma Gilani has been dedicated with the role of a lady involved in sifli, kaala jaadu and had done a tremendous job. Many of the dialogues specially the ones uttered by Resham brings about the awareness of the black magic and the bird owl, its historical with the Hindu tradition and religion till today and  its connection after the incident of Karbala. The main role of Tabinda deals with black magic and an unsupported husband through out her life, with the story highlighting the complications she had to face.
This series can be viewed on Sunday at 9 pm, so do not miss this exciting new story with the unexpected twists and turns.

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