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(Last Updated On: 04/11/2015)

Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is considered the back bone of the country. Numerous well –known private and public educational institutes are working in Karachi for the well being of students. Education is very obligatory for building nation and it is the fundamental right of every person. Educational sector is the area where our Government has to do a lot of work to develop strong roots, making sure that each and every person should get quality education.

There are a no of institutes in Karachi which are doing really very well. Here is a list of best ranked schools in Karachi:

Education Bay (EBAY):
Education Bay is located in Defence Housing Authority. It is a Montessori School from O level to A level.
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British Over Seas (B.O.S):
It is located in khayaban-e-Hilal, DHA Pahse VII. Since, 1958 it is providing quality education. It offers classess from Pre-Nursery till A levels.
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Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S):
Karachi Grammar School was founded in 1847. It is an English medium school which promises to provide eminence educational experience to its students.
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Bay View Academy (B.V.A):
Bay View Academy is offering classes from nursery to O is located in khayaban-e-Shaheen, DHA Phase VIII, Karachi, Pakistan.
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The Indus Academy:
It was established in 1989 providing primary and middle school education. It is a private school.
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Center For Advanced Studies (C.A.S):
Founded in 1981 C.A.S provides classes from O level to advance A level. Its main campus is located in phase VIII, Defence.
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Froebel Education Center:
Established by a German educationalist in 1990 . it is located in Phase VIII , DHA , Karachi, Pakistan.
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Beacon House School System:
It is providing quality education since 1975. More than 145 branches of Beacon House School System are working all over Pakistan. It has a no of branches in various areas of Karachi including defence, Clifton, steel town.
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Bay view High School:
It is a co-educational institute founded in 1994 in Karachi.  Inspired by British educational system it offers classess from O level to A level.
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The International School:
It is a private school located in Cliffton , Karachi. It provides pre-high to high school classess.
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Other Schools Well Rated in Karachi:
Other well rated schools in Karachi are:

  • Defense American School
  • DHA Public School
  • ST. John’s High School
  • ST. Mary’s School
  • The City School
  • The Lyceum School
  • St Patrick’s high school
  • St. Patrick’s Girls’ High School
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary
  • Bay View High School Karachi
  • Karachi Public school
  • Habib Public School
  • The Academy School
  • Mama Parsi School
  • BVS Parsi School
  • Head Start School System

Few More Entries added upon request. Updated on 4/11/2015.

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  • Dear All,

    My daughter is studying in the City School gulshan campus in class 8, i would like to changer her school from Cambridge system to matric board, but i m very confused to find a good school for her better education, would any one help me to find good school,

  • Dear All,

    My daughter is studying in the City School gulshan campus in class 8, i would like to changer her school from Cambridge system to matric board, but i m very confused to find a good school for her better education, would any one help me to find good school, private comments please write to me on my mailing address [email protected] [email protected] or

  • I am 14 years old and i have recently left beaconhouse because no quality education and now i am searching for a new school for o levels.
    I need to know a name of a school which really have quality education

  • Hello Every One,

    My daughter is 14 months old and am concerned about her admission in Kindergarden, please let me know which play group is best for her because i want she will speak fluently in english …

  • KN Academy International Campus (Malir Cantt) is situated in the scenic vicinity of Karachi; spread over a vast area, around 26 acres. KN Academy introduced boarding and lodging facility of international standard in Pakistan. Get admission in KN Academy International Campus to avail best boarding facility. Admission are open for 2017-2018 Academic Year.

    KN Academy International Campus
    Near Malir Cantt Check Post 3, Opposite Captain Farm, Damloti Road, P.O.Box 75040 Karachi – Pakistan

    Phone : +92 213 4561170
    Email : [email protected]
    Website :

  • Hello friends. Can any one tell me which school is best for primary section? Karachi public school?, habib public school?, metropolitan academy school?, or any other school? please also mention the branch name i am really confused, i want a admission for my son in class 1 please help me fast. Really thank you in advance.

  • HI

    I want to take admission for my douchter in O/A level school in gulshan area pls suggest the school which one is best

  • How are generation school and Kingsley american school?????which school is best Kinsley or generation???tell the ranking also….. Plzzzz

  • Review of Fajr academy from my personal experience:

    It looks good from the videos. Its a whole different story from inside. I pulled my son out due to unacceptable reasons…

    1-owner/principle Asim Ismail likes conducting parents workshops, in which he openly said to mothers if your husband does not allow you to visit your parents then take divorce from him. Few weeks later in a one on one meeting i confronted him for what he has said, i asked him 3 times and he totally ignored. He had nothing to say, not even the sense that what he had said is completely against the teachings of Islam. There goes the Deen part!

    2-if you need to go out of city/country for more than 2 weeks (especially when winter vacation is almost near), according to their stupid policy, they will cancel your child's admission. I asked owner if they re-take the child? And the answer is YES after the parents pay admission fees again! So basically he has designed the policy to rip off people because in real life people do have trips which last more than 2 weeks.

    3. Unfortunately i must say that the Vice principle lady (Zaib) is a moron. She suggests that my wife leave our 5 n half yr old kid with me and go alone for vacation because they cant give more than 2 weeks off!

    4-Favouritism for teachers children is there. They cut my son’s hair to teach him a lesson but didn’t cut other kid’s hair because he was teachers son.

    5-Children's behaviour is just worst like wild stallions, apparently because they let children do whatever they want. This is another experiment of the owner.

    6-No board members, only 1 man show. If you have issues/suggestions, only 1 person gets to make the call.

    7-Hefty fees from grade 1 & above.

    8-Teachers are obviously followers of what the owner/leader of organisation tells them to, so you should be able to imagine what your child will get at the end of the day.

    9. Owner/Principle gets crazy ideas at night and calls parents (through teacher/coordinator) to come and meet – then asks that we've selected your child for Public Speaking Experiment, in which you will have to drop and pick your child to Teachers home whenever she calls. Teacher can call 1 hour before that you have to drop your kid and then pickup again in 2 hours. And he even said that if teacher feels like your child needs extra attention she might make your child stay at her home for night. I rejected the offer because it's clearly not possible/unrealistic.

    Basically, they have no experience what an about Educational institution is and they are experimenting their ideas on poor parents children.

    Final words, do your child and yourself a favor…there are many good Islamic schools out there like Intellect, Reflections, The Benchmark, Hira Foundation, etc Good luck with your search.



    • Thanks Mr. Fahad, You have just saved me to this trap. Please one more favor, what have you thought for your son? have you selected any school ?






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  • Al badar school is the world best school it provide Islamic information and world information I think that the best school is al badar

  • Head Start and Delsol school are not good enough according to the fee Rs.13,000/- pm they are charging for grade I They have just concern about increased their income. even DELSOL TAKEN FEE UP TO THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2015 BUT SENT FEE VOUCHER ON 3 NOVEMBER FOR DECEMBER TO FEB 2016 AND LAST DUE DATE IS 15 NOVEMBER(WHAT THE HACK IF PARENTS HAVE PAID FEE UP TO 30 NOVEMBER THEN HOW COME FEE WILL BE DUE ON 15 . VERY GREEDY PEOPLE EVEN TO AVOID TAX ,NOT CHANNELIZE THROUGH BANKS.

  • please anyone tell me about mama parsi school that when the admission for class 2 will start and when admission for class 5 will start in BVS Parsi school.

  • I am very happy to see someone working on such new ideas and topics. I would like to add a few comments. You have mentioned almost all the schools situated in Karachi which is kind of confusing. It would’ve been very good if you’d skimmed down your list to a total of 10 to 12 schools.

  • The mama parsi girls secondary school is the best schools of allllll I love that school. Very much:>3

    • Hi Alizeh!

      Can you please tell us, how to get admission in Mama Parsi?

      Would be very thankful to you

  • Saint patricks is worst school as I am the teacher of saint pats , no English speaking in a school no management in school

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