Warid Ramadan Service “Zakat Calculator”

Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam and most people found themselves in hesitation for the correct figure of Zakat that they are liable to pay for the poor for charity purpose. In addition, they are in an uncertain situation that whether what are the Zakat rates. Thus, the warid Telecom launched the calculator that will assist the people in calculating the zakat rates which is indeed a sensitive issue. Warid telecom has launched a calculator that is specially designed for zakat calculations. This calculator will help them in zakaat calculation that is an important pillar of Islam and every Muslim has to pay zakaat according to his financial condition. During Ramadan, it is rattling essential to pay zakaat so that every Muslim can participate in EID.

This app has a section to clarify the philosophy of zakaat and also answers the certain questions like who is liable to pay the Zakat and on which certain things Zakat will be deducted and other related questions. For zakaat, calculation people face many problems they do not know how to calculate amount of zakat and upon which thing they have paid zakat. This calculator will help them in these deliberations. They just have to enter the thing about which they are confused to pay than this calculator will automatically display that how many zakat you have to pay at which thing.

This calculator has different section in it also shows details about zakaat and things upon that zakat is payable. At this calculator, all family members can create their accounts at the same time it gives detailed results of the question those are asked about zakaat. It delivers detailed article about shocked if somebody wants to read about zakaat. Give Answers questions like who pays Zakat, Nisab and the factors on which the Zakat is payable on. Warid has launched the Android app calculator to facilitate its user for the calculation of Zakat so that they can easily calculate the Zakat to help the poor.


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