Zong ZTE S508 handset

(Last Updated On: 04/06/2013)

Shape of the ZTE S508 handset released by Zong resembles candy bar. It has a torch, FM Radio with inbuilt antenna and function of Loud Speaker. To get the Zong ZTE S508 you have to visit your nearest Zong Customer centre or Franchise.

Prominent Features:

  • It is slim and it has rather neat and cute shape just like a candy bar
  • FM radio function with inbuilt antenna helps you tune in to your favourite music stations or even you can listen to the news
  • Loud Speaker function comes in handy when you want to include your friend standing by you in the conversation you are already having with someone
  • You can add up to 250 contacts in the memory of your phone and it is good enough
  • With Alarm function you can set alarm and schedule your time according to your needs
  • Games are also a part of the phone and in boring time you can give them a go
  • Calculator function is a very handy one and all of us need calculator every now and then. You don’t need to carry a calculator if you are having Zong’s ZTE S508 with you


ZTE S508 can be purchased at PKR 1700 only. It is one of the most affordable mobile phones available in the market today.

Zong ZTE S508 Bundle Offer:

Zong gives its customers an opportunity to take full advantage of this phone by throwing in a bundle offer. Now you can get Zong ZTE S508 bundle offer and have 600 Free Minutes. These free minutes are on-net and can be used to call any Zong number any time. You can use 100 minutes per month. The offer is valid for 6 months and you can consume 600 minutes in 6 months (100 minutes per month).

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