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Fahad Mustafa Quits Working in Dramas.

Fahad Mustafa Quits Working in Dramas

Fahad Mustafa
Fahad Mustafa

The new sensation of Pakistan Fahad Mustafa has told media that from now on he won’t be acting on small screen. That means Fahad Mustafa is quitting acting in drama’s. After gaining humongous fame from small screen the actor is looking towards bigger screen or probably a bigger vision. Fahad explained to a newspaper that he is leaving acting in TV dramas for now and will be involved in producing them. It seems that the stylish Fahad Mustafa sees more income and less effort in producing dramas he further added that he is looking forward to conquer big screen of Pakistan. The actor has all the ability to drag huge amount of crowd to cinema’s. Fahad Mustafa has made lots of more fans with help of his new program “Jeeto Pakistan”. He has got some great fame from Jeeto Pakistan and he is performing some outstanding job in the show. Everyday he drags more amount of viewers than previous show. Fahad Mustafa Quits Working in Dramas   Fahad Mustafa is very near to break record of highest rating of Amir Liaquat. There are news that soon Fahad will break record of Amir Liaquat and looking at the success of the show one can imagine that yes its going to hapen soon that Fahad will break record of Dr. Amir Liaquat. Fahad’s show has really put Amir Liaquat’s Ramzan transmission on back. Fahad’s two new movies will be released this year.

One of them is Na Maloom Afarad. The trailer of Na Maloom Afrad has been released and after watching the trailer one can say that this movie is a potential block buster. The movie moves around 3 very depressed personalities and those are Fahad Mustafa, Javaid Sheikh and DJ of famous program of Duniya TV Mazkak Raat. The other movie of Fahad Mustafa that will release this year is Mah-e-Meer. We wish best of luck to this talented celebrity for his future plans.

fahad mustafa

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