Mathira’s Sister Rose All Set to Join Showbiz

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 10/07/2014)

Get ready for another edition of Mathira, as Mathira’s sister Rose Mohammad has also decided to join Pakistan showbiz. Those who appreciate and like Mathira will be very glad to hear this news as they will expect the same gestures and activities from Rose. Yes the news of Rose joining Pakistani showbiz is hundred percent right. Charming Rose will be seen in upcoming potential block buster movie by name of Azad. Trailer fo the moive is out and everybody has appreciated its trailer. Critics and Pandits of Pakistani cinema has already announced that this moive is going to be liked by many and will be able to drag lots of veiwers to Pakistani Cinemas. Azad is produced by HK films. Coming back to Mathira’s sister, people will be expecting some hot news and some sensational plus bold moves from as well and keeping in view Mathira’s showbiz career that is full of contorversies and bold steps. Rose will have licence to kill it because Mathira has already crossed many barriers. Mathira’s show as VJ became the source of her popularity and it all started when some contoverisal phone calls of the show were shared on social media. Phone call clips of Mathira went viral on social media and suddenly everybody was talking about Mathira’s bold answers to bold questions that were asked from phone callers on her show. Right after that demand of Mathira increased and now Mathira is all over showbiz and have made many contacts in showbiz which will be very helpful for her sister Rose to penetrate in to competitive industry. Lets see Rose comes up to expectations of viewers or not ? She has this golden opportunity to work in a potential block buster Azad and this movie is going to play a vital role in her showbiz career. Best of luck rose.

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