Shaista Lodhi Left Pakistan; Went To Qatar

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 23/05/2014)

Shaista Lodhi, famous host of Geo TV’s morning show ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’ has left Pakistan and went to Qatar after receiving life threats on the issue of showing blasphemous content in her morning show.

The news was broken to media by Express News staff that Shaista Lodhi has left Pakistan a couple of days ago. She has moved to Qatar and travelled through Gulf Airways flight. In order to hide her identity, she was wearing Abaya.

It was already in the rumors that she might flee the country because she was receiving life threats from unknown sources. She already said that she cannot risk her family’s life so she was thinking to move out.

New rumors suggest that she has temporarily moved to Qatar and she will be seeking asylum in United States or United Kingdom.

The issue doesn’t seem to have resolved during the past few days after Shaista Lodhi publicly apologized. Geo might get banned by PEMRA and the cable operators throughout Pakistan are not willing to show Geo on their cable setup.

The other characters of the program in which blasphemous content was telecasted are Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khattak. They have already left Pakistan.

Mir Shakeel Ur Rehman was already outside Pakistan when the incident happened. So it is assumed that now all the major shareholders of the issue are outside Pakistan and the issue would be settled down by cancelling the licenses of Geo.

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