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Hollywood Movie Hundred Foot Journey to be released in Pakistan

Hollywood Movie Hundred Foot Journey to be Released in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 01/09/2014)
Hollywood Movie Hundred Foot Journey
Hollywood Movie Hundred Foot Journey

Cinemas of Pakistan are reviving in Pakistan and that happened due to success of some Lollywood movies in year 2013. Waar, Mian Hoon Shahid Afridi, Bol, Zinda Bhaag are the movies which really developed the taste of watching movies at cinemas. Pakistani cinema industry was facing crisis since 2 decades.

In 1995 1996 Syed Noor came up with an initiative and produced two or three good movies but he also ended up making inferior quality movies. As the cinema is reviving and people have once again started visit cinemas now cinema owners are putting quality movies in cinemas and that is giving them huge profits. Last days Amazing SpiderMan 2 did good business in Pakistan.

Now another Hollywood moive is being released in this month. The name of the moive is Hundered foot journey. It is a comedy/romance/drama Hollywood edition and its story has been taken from a novel written by Richard C. Morais. The movie revolves around an Indian family who has moved to Europe, south of France to be exact because their house in India was destroyed in riots and they are forced to leave their country.

When the family settles in a small village located at south France and open his own restaurant and soon their rivalry starts with a restaurant nearby. The main character of the movie is Hassan who is chef and is a very pleasant character and ends up impressing everybody. He falls in love with chef of the competitor restaurant and story moves on. The movie is very simple and light and one enjoys while watching the movie. So if you want to watch a light movie than hundred foot journey should be on your list. The cast have some big names form Hollywood and India like Helen Mirren and Om Puri.

Hollywood Movie Hundred Foot Journey Released:

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