Bin Roye becomes second highest Successful Movie of Pakistan

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 08/09/2015)

Hum Films as well as MD Films partnership Bin Roye has become the 2nd highest grossing Pakistani film of all times. Bin Roye, starring Humayoun Saeed, Mahira Khan and Armeena Rana Khan has just crossed Thirty crores (approximately) revenues and also still left Choorian far behind. Choorian was launched in 1998 and was standing at number 2 for 17 years in the list of highest grossing Pakistani films.

Momina Duraid’s Bin Roye had grossed Rs 7 crore (US$690,000) around the world in 1st 4 days and also Rs 2.3 crore in 1st three days at home. So far, it has earned the sales revenue of Nineteen crores from UAE, UK, USA, Australia as well as India and Ten crores in Pakistan. These amounts are given by Box Office official.

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bin roye sceneHum Films launched Bin Roye including the attractive Mahira Khan as Saba, Humayun Saeed as Irtiza and Pakistani-Canadian actress Armeena Rana Khan as Saman. Mahira Khan, who’d given 2 yrs of her life to this film, has proven excellent performing abilities, specially during emotional scenes after the interval. Humayun Saeed, even though looks a little more aged, but isn’t the wrong selection for those who have read Farhat Istiaq’s novel. As for newcomer Armeena Rana Khan, did justice with her supporting character in the film. The film is a pure family drama with romance, a few suspense and lots of emotions. It’s about Saba’s missing love, regrets, and also reunion along with Irtiza.

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