How to Change PTCL Modem & EVO WiFi Cloud Password Settings

Many of my friends have been asking about how to change your Wi-Fi password.
And for the long time I have been personally going to visit them and then change theirs WIFI password from modem settings, even though this task is very easy in it basic nature. In my opinion any person with basic computer literacy can change their password easily using modem settings.

First step:
You need to open your default internet browser for example Google Chrome or Firefox.

Second step:
Type in your browser and login

Browser will prompt for username and password. username is admin and password is also admin.
PTCL EVO WiFi cloud default password is also same.
Warning: in some cases PTCL modems have different default passwords which can be seen on the backside of your modem.

Third step:
After successful login you need to go into wireless setting or Wi-Fi settings.

4th step:
Then you need to find Security tab on security settings for wireless

5th step:
Now you can change your password and keep in mind to save the settings.

How to change PTCL EVO WiFi cloud default password Video Guide

How to change PTCL Modem Password Video Guide

After that your modem will restart and it will ask for new password.

PTCL Modems User Manuals Books

These user manual guides are for experts only do not use them if you are a computer expert.
Huawei Guide


Also look at our recent article for
Congratulations you have successfully changed your password and if you have any questions please ask in comment section below.


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    what is defualt password

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    Dear I want to change PTCL wifi password but not open
    please help

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      plz chk 192.168.01

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    meri wingle ka password ni lag rha jb bi wingle ki setting open karta hu password error a jata hai

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    my evw pasword chang

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  • umair on 03/05/2016

    hi, can anyone tell me how i can get ethernet out of my evo charji cloud b?

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    Sir i want to change my password but not open web in my laptop .

  • Haseeb on 22/11/2015

    Password on downloads

  • versee on 21/11/2015

    I change my evo chargi cloud lcd

    • Adnan Hassan on 28/03/2016

      Versee : How can I change my Evo Chargi Cloud’s LCS as its not displaying anything but internet working fine

    • dia mughal on 17/10/2018

      i have same problem.. can you tell me what did yoou do then???

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