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Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 01/07/2015)

Telenor currently introduced a service named ‘Money Transfer’ under the banner ad of Easy Paisa, through which almost any Pakistani resident can shift Money across the state through 4,000 outlets.
This article will explain the procedure and also ways included in sending/receiving cash via Money Transfer.

To Deliver Money via Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’

The Sender must bring and give the following for a Money Transfer:

    • His/her genuine & valid Nadra CNIC together with 1 Photocopy (Required)
    • Receiving person’s valid Nadra CNIC Number (Required)
    • His/her personal cell phone number (optional) & receiver ’s cell phone number (Non-compulsory)

 Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’ Service Charges:


If you have mentioned 3 things, just go to any approved Easy Paisa outlet and also do following

    • Inform storekeeper how much money and give up-mentioned 3 things
    • Storekeeper will do the transaction using his/her cell phone (just like simple share), and will require you to type in a pass code or even secret code to enter. Don’t show this particular secret code to every one.
    • Once transaction is completed, you’ll be provided a Transaction ID along with a hard copy of receipt.
    • Give retailer the cash + service charges (chart about service charges is provided below)
    • If the Sender and also Receiver cell phone numbers are given, Both the Sender and also Receiver will be able to receive financial transaction details via a SMS message. You’ll not get pass code in SMS, just the transaction ID, quantity and also CNIC numbers.

Essential: Please don’t waste/dispose of receipt, as it is going to be your only evidence that you delivered this money. Furthermore note that Pass Code shouldn’t be provided to any one…

At this point give this Transaction ID and also pass code you entered to receiving person, and that’s it. You’re completed with sending money.

How to Receive Cash Via Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’

If a family member or friend has delivered you money via ‘Money transfer’, then do following to get your money
Be sure you have following things before you go to Easy Paisa outlet

    • Genuine & valid Nadra CNIC together with 1 Photocopy (Required)
    • Transaction ID – that sender has told you (Required)
    • Pass code – that sender has told you (Required)
    • Once you’ve these things, visit any approved Easy Paisa outlet, and do following.
    • Inform the storekeeper your Transaction ID.
    • Give him/her with Genuine and photocopy of CNIC And also enter the pass code on retailer’s mobile phone when he/she demands you.
    • Get the money – and that’s it.

Essential Note: Expired Nadra CNICs won’t be approved for the sending or even getting of Money Transfer transactions.

Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’ Outlet:

For The Money Transfer, a person can approach any Telenor Sales and Service Center, Tameer Bank branch, Telenor Franchise or any easypaisa shop. Total list of Easy Paisa outlets is provided here:

Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’ Limits:

    • You can send or even receive maximum of Rs. 10,000 or even maximum of 3 transaction monthly per CNIC.
    • Anybody with a CNIC (even non-Telenor customers) can deliver money via Money Transfer
    • There is no need for the sender or even the receiver to be registered.
    • Money transfer will be performed in seconds, so one done, receiver can get money quickly.
    • As per State Bank’s Regulations, all un-claimed amounts (transactions sent but not received) will be surrendered to the State Bank of Pakistan after Ten years. However, Clients are asked to receive their transactions at the initially to avoid any difficulty.
    • To report any fraudulent action or even about any illegal easypaisa agent, please contact 111-345-100 instantly.

Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’ Help Line Number:

In case of any issue, or if you have lost your passcode, or for what ever Call 345 from Telenor or 111-345-100 from any landline/non-Telenor numbers.

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