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Meera’s Shakar Wandaan Re Dubsmah has become talk of the town

(Last Updated On: 10/12/2015)

Since the dance video of this song is released and Ho Mann Jahaan team have placed contest of the Best Dubsmash performance on the song, it seems that whole of the country is just dancing over the desi party song sung by Asrar Shah.

Even the Celebs, Non-Celebs, Kids, elderlies all are seen grooving over the song. Many of the known and leading actors have also moved their footsteps over the song, not only them, even the anchors have tried to grab attention with making this Dubsmash video.

Namely, Yasir Nawaz, Mathira, Imran Abbas, Ali Azmat, Faakhir and others have placed their dancing skills on the song. Not only the young stars, veteran stars of the industry also added their support to Ho Mann Jahaan team, most prominently, Javed Akhtar and Anwar Masood came in with their legendary Tarka.

Amid all this, we have got another Dubsmash by a celebrity, which has become the talk of the town, even though rumors of her not having good relations with the lead actress of Ho Mann Jahann were revolving. But, it can’t become the hindrance in this female star to support the film, which is expected to be the one of the finest movie of Pakistani cinema till the date.

The lady who has enthralled with her performance on this song is none other than Meera. The dazzling actress of Pakistan film industry is seen wearing a kind of Dabaang glasses in the video and makeup artist Adnan Ansari is also performing alongside her.

Meera’s Dubsmash Video:

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