Microsoft drives ‘#Upgrade Your World’ in Pakistan, after Bahawalpur it’s time for Multan

Microsoft launched its worldwide initiative to publicize the knowledge of their latest Windows 10 in the market. And now they have headed this awareness campaign in Pakistan.

The event intends to create the awareness of their latest Windows 10 to the children and others. The drive will be counseling the school children and other student about the benefits of upgrading to the Windows 10. This is not all, Microsoft will also be driving road shows, which means the awareness for each and everyone.

Yesterday, Microsoft encamped in Bahawalpur, which is the southern city of Punjab. According to the updates, Microsoft camped in Govt.Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur, S.E University Chowk and several other areas. And their Map tells that there next destination will be Multan, not to worry, as this awareness campaign will be carried out in 10 major cities of Pakistan.


In the campaign, Microsoft team will be visiting the top  academic institutes of the places and will be carrying out the detail sessions, spreading knowledge students about the latest features of Windows 10.

This activity will be a beneficial one for the Pakistani tech-enthusiasts as they will be getting an opportunity to meet professional entrepreneurs of Microsoft in some detailed sessions. The tech bigwig will also be upgrading the devices of the people who want to do so.

The Microsoft drive which began yesterday will be lasting till November 21 in different parts of the country. Some sources also claim that, as part of all that, ‘Bloggers Evening’ will be also organized on 15th November in Lahore.

The Microsoft map tells that the next destination for their drive will be Multan, however, till now exact date of their arrival is not given.

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The Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan- Mr. Nadeem Malik stated that:

Today marks a real milestone in our “Upgrade Your World” initiative in Pakistan. We are fortunate enough to see the real impact this organization is making and will make first-hand impressions at different schools. We will be providing children with a Windows 10 upgrade, so they can learn more and create more impact, around the world.

This has truly been an inspiring way to launch a new generation of Windows and we look forward to sharing and creating greater momentum. We hope that the children in Pakistan will derive maximum benefits from these roadshows.


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