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Punjab government launches Pakistan’s first ever govermental job portal

(Last Updated On: 16/11/2015)

It is well known that providing employment to its citizen is also one of the reasons behind bringing harmony and prosperity to the country.

Looking at stats, currently the unemployment rate of Pakistan is 6% which was previously 6.75%, it seems that the current government is seriously trying to overcome this social and economical problem.

Taking a fast look at the unemployment rate in Pakistan of several years, it is clearly obsetved that as much the currently unemployment rate have dropped from 6.75% to 6.00% that means the government is looking at this crisis seriously. The decase in uployment as compared to previous year has faced the change of 12.5% which means a lot as comparing to the previous ratios.

From loan schemes to Cab schemes, from enternship to giving free professional training to the students, Punjab government has been up with many moreto eradicate this criticial issue. Recently, they are up with Online Job Portal, which is the first ever job site at governmental level in Pakistan. This innovative intiative of Punjab Government is very similar to those many of the Job Portal sites in Pakistan as they work as mediator in between job seekers and Job providers.

The online job portal will be supervised by the Labour & Human Resource Department of the Government of Punjab is intrpreted as a great step by many of the anlyasts. On the website, jobs are categorised in dozens categories which will make more easier for the one in search of job.

Beside that the people, organizations or companies need the employees can also post the ads overthere for free.


Official website of  Punjab Online Job Portal

The Punjab online portal also shows its presnce on social sites, you can also stay updated with it Facebook and Twitter

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