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Rolls Royce named their special addition ‘Ghost Mysore’ in remembrance of King Tipu Sultan

(Last Updated On: 16/11/2015)

The prestigious car brand Rolls Royce decided to pay tribute to the one of the most valor Indian King Tipu Sultan. In the limited special edition, the automobile company decided to put three of these master pieces for sale in an event in UAE.

This special edition named Ghost Mysore is the amalgamation of style and performance, imputing greatness at the peak this is one of the brand million eyeballs have dreamed about. Their greatness and legendary cars are one always highly regarded all across the globe.

Tipu Sultan (20 November 1750-4 May 1799) was the king of Mysore, was the eldest son of Haider Ali of Mysore, the example he settled with his bravery and courage meets no comparison. However, Tipu Sultan aka Tiger of Mysore fought against the British empire establishing in the Sub-continent and now the British-based company is paying homage to the tiger of the battlefield. This somewhat shows professional approach of this automobile company.

The famous quotes of Tipu Sultan are always provoking self-confidence and courage in minds of people, without any doubt many of the young ones till now foot-follow the great king of Mysore.

However, it should be kept in mind that this is not very first time when this legend is paid homage in this way, several drama serials and books have been showcasing the greatness of this legend. But this time a renown across the globe brand have paid tribute to this legend of Mysore.

Ghost Mysore- Ride of The Legends-in pics









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