Telenor 3G Connect Dongle and 3G Connect Wingle Packages

(Last Updated On: 10/06/2015)

After 3G and 4G licenses are issued in Pakistan, different telecom companies introduced their dongles. Latest addition to this list is Telenor who introduced 3G Connect and 3G Connect WiFi devices. Introductory price for Telenor 3G Connect USB dongle is 2,200 Rupees while 3G Connect WiFi is available for 3000 Rupees. On purchase of 3G Connect USB dongle customer will get 40GB data free of cost for two months while on purchase of 3G Connect WiFi, 60GB of data can be used free of cost for two months. This way, the device practically is free of cost.

3G Connect dongle is like any other dongle available in the market and can be attached to only one laptop or desktop computer. On the other hand 3G Connect WiFi Wingle has built-in WiFi router and after connecting it to any USB power source like laptop, desktop or USB power socket, ten devices can connect to it including laptop, smartphone, tablet or even a desktop computer having wireless connectivity.

3G Connect Package Details

  • Price 2200 Rupees
  • Prepaid 3G SIM Included in Price
  • 2G and 3G
  • 1 Year warranty
  • For bundle activation and balance/remaining data check Online Web Portal available
  • 2 months of free internet (20 GB per month)
  • Dial *345*4005# for activation of free trial (Charges 0.1 Rupees including taxes)
  • Dial *999# to check remaining internet data and validity (Charges 0.24 Rupees including tax)

3G Connect WiFi Package Details

  • Price 3000 Rupees
  • Prepaid 3G SIM included in the above price
  • Allows connection to 10 devices on WiFi
  • Plug & Play
  • 2G and 3G
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Online Web Portal available for bundle activation/balance/usage check
  • 2 months free trial (30 GB per month)
  • Dial *345*4005# to activate free trial (0.1 Rupees including tax)
  • Dial *999# to check remaining data and validity (024 Rupees including tax)

3G Connect and 3G Connect WiFi Packages after Trial Period is over

After the trial period is over, the following packages are available to the customers.

DataPriceValidityActivation Code
2GB75 Rupees24 Hours*345*4000#
3GB300 RupeesOne month (30 Days)*345*4001#
10GB750 RupeesOne month (30 Days)*345*4002#
20GB1100 RupeesOne month (30 Days)*345*4003#
30GB1500 RupeesOne month (30 Days)*345*4004#
  • Telenor 3G Connect and Telenor 3G Connect WiFi devices can be purchased from Telenor Service centers, franchise and selected retailers in cities where Telenor 3G coverage is available
  • Remaining data and validity can be checked by dialing *999# (0.24 Rupees charges including tax applies)
  • Existing Telenor Prepaid SIM can be utilized with the Connect Basic after migrating it to a data package by dialing USSD code *345*4006#
  • After migration, voice calls on the SIM will be blocked so only spare Telenor SIM should be used for this purpose

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