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Top 10 CEOs of Pakistan in 2015

(Last Updated On: 31/07/2015)
  1. Ehsan A.Malik – Unilever Pakistan1. ehsanmalik1

Ehsan A.  Malik took charge as CEO and of Unilever on September 01, 2006. He has also the charge of Chairman of company. Before this he was also the part of Unilever as Chairman & CEO of Unilever Sri Lanka Limited. Under his leadership Unilever has grown almost triple in terms of business which is an incredible level of growth in just 9 years.

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   2. Sarfaraz Rehman- Engro Foods2. sarfaraz

Sarfaraz A. Rehman is a Chartered accountant by qualification. He has 30 plus years of professional experience with FMCG industry. He commenced his career with Unilever in 1983. He switched different groups during his career including Unilever & PepsiCo with in Pakistan and as well in abroad. In 2005 he joined Engro group and launched Engro Foods Limited (EFL). He remained the CEO of EFL for over six years. Under his leadership company won the G20 World Top 15 company award in early 2012. Then he moved to Dawood foundation. Again in 2014 he came back as CEO of Engro Foods Limited and made the company to win prestigious FT/IFC Transformational Business Award 2014 under his leadership.

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    3. Musharaf Hai – L’Oreal Pakistan3. Musharaf-Hai-L’Oreal-Pakistan

Musharaf Hai was the first Pakistani woman who became the CEO of Unilever. She then left Unilever and L’Oreal Pakistan as CEO of the company. She had to compete L’Oreal Pakistan against established brands, such as P&G and Unilever. L’Oreal Pakistan is growing its business exponentially under her leadership. It has attained market share of around 10% with in just five years.

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   4. Jon Seward – Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited4. John-Seward-General-Manager-of-Coca-Cola-Beverages

John Seward took charge as CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL). Before him, till 1996 Coca Cola operations had franchises system in Pakistan. John Seward changed it and brought operations under company. Under his leadership CCBPL has almost overtaken Pepsi – which had an 80%+ share of the market but now stands around 50%.

   5. Faheem Ahmad – JCR-VIS5. Faheem-Ahmad-JCR-VIS-300x300

Faheem Ahmad has been running the company as a CEO since its launch in 1997. He participated in the establishment of the Islamic International Rating Agency (IIRA) in Bahrain in 2001. He also launched a solar solution in the cold storage network named “Pak Ujala”. He was first Pakistani to be elected as Chairman of the Board of ACRAA (Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia) in 2013.

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   6. Roshaneh Zafar – Kashf6. Roshaneh-Zafar-Kashf

Roshaneh Zafar was doing job in WOrld Bank when she left her job and launched the organization with name of “Kashf Foundation”. She is the Managing Director of Kashf Foundation and it has spread its operations to Sindh, KPK and Balochistan under her leadership. Kashf Foundation provide micro-finance to female-led businesses and start-ups.

    7. Farees Shah – Daraz.pk7. Farees-Shah-–-Daraz.pk_

Farees Shah launched the website Daraz.pk in 2012 that has changed the online shopping landscape in Pakistan. They are growing their business day-by-day and attracting people for online shopping.

   8. Javed Afridi – Haier Manufacturing Unit8. Javed-Afridi-Haier-Manufacturing-Unit

Javed Afridi is the CEO of Haier Manufacturing Unit and has been awarded with the Best CEO award by CEO Summit Asia 2015. He has sponsored Pakistani cricket teams at domestic and at international level many times.

   9. Nadeem Hussain – Tameer Microfinance Bank9. Nadeem-Hussain-173x300

Nadeem Hussain is the Founder, President and CEO of Tameer Microfinance Bank which is the pioneer of branchless banking in Pakistan with Easy Paisa and was launched in 2005. He was selected as “Leader of the Year” at the 6th Annual Global Microfinance Achievement Awards 2011 held in Geneva.

   10. Asif Jooma – ICI Pakistan10. asif-jooma

Asif Jooma started his career with ICI Pakistan in 1983 and was appointed Managing Director of Abbott Laboratories Pakistan Limited in 2007. After that on the behalf of his performance he he was appointed Chief Executive of ICI Pakistan Limited in February 2013.

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