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How to make Afghan White Sauce Recipe

(Last Updated On: 31/07/2015)

Afghan white sauce is very simple to make but extremely delicious sauce. Those who have tasted it, they know very well. It is very famous sauce, But it is not that much common as other sauces. That is why people can hardly find it in the hotels and famous restaurants. You can easily enjoy its real taste if you live in Afghanistan.

Most of the people think that it is Afghan’s traditional dish as its name states, but it is not. Most of the people who live in Afghanistan are not even familiar about it. That is why it is only available in hotels. It has very simple ingredients that are available everywhere. So it is not necessary to visit to Afghanistan to taste Afghan white sauce. Make it at your home and enjoy it with your family and friends.


Unsalted Butter                       2 table spoons
Plain Yogurt                             2 cups

Minced Garlic                          2 table spoons
Chopped Fresh mint               half cup
Salt                                            as needed

Grind pepper                           as needed


Take a small fry pan. For melting the butter put two table spoons of unsalted butter in to the fry pan. Do not melt on a high flame because it will melt soon even on low flame. After melting the butter you have to add now minced garlic and cook it for maximum one to two minutes more. Be care full its color should not be change by over cooking. Turn off the flame and wait until it becomes cool. When it becomes cool then you can add the yogurt in to it. Mix it in the finely chopped mint. For seasoning you can taste with salt and pepper. It is now ready to serve you can now enjoy it with your love ones.

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