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Xoom Vs TransferWise Vs Western Union

Xoom, Transferwise and the Western Union are international money transfer and remittance providing companies that allow the customers to send and receive money to other countries. At present, various companies are providing their services to the customers for receiving and sending money across the globe. Among a lot of money transfer and remittance provider, Xoom, Transferwise and the Western Union are the popular one services.


Xoom started its digital money transfer career in 2001. Recently it has been acquired by another international money transfer platform PayPal. Xoom offers its customers to send money from United States to thirty five (33) countries of the world. Moreover, the customers or Xoom can get benefit of bill payment, mobile recharge and various other financial services in addition to simply sending the money. Xoom lets the customers of other countries to instantly get money in their bank accounts in their bank account. When the customer of Xoom pay with their bank account, fees are just $4.99 and transactions over $1,000 are totally free, Xoom provides its customers locked-in exchange rates to its customers and recipient is not bound to bear extra charges from their bank.

The money sending via Xoom can be tracked as well. Xoom lets the users to stay in connect with Xoom via text, updates, email notifications, online access, phone or call and remain informed about their money. Just sign up and begins sending money within minutes. Those who want to use the services of Xoom are required to provide their recipient and payment information and send money instantly and quickly.

Xoom Official Website


TransferWise is a UK based financial service. TransferWise is a renowned money transfer service in the world that was launched in 2011. In only five years, TransferWise has achieved a lot of successes. The aim of TransferWise is to make it sure for the customers that they are using a service where there are charges less than the banks. TransferWise is known for dealing almost every international currency. Currently, it is supporting the money transfer on over 300 currencies of the world. You can choose any route in which you want to send the money.

The method of sending money from TransferWise is also simple and easy just like other conventional money transfers. The customers have to choose only the currency mode and recipient and then money will be transferred from his account and the recipient will receive the money in chosen currency. This system is suitable for both entrepreneurs and students. TransferWise is totally different from the traditional banks as it gives the real exchange rates to the customers instead of hiding it like traditional banks do.

TransferWise Official Website

Western Union

The Western Union is a global financial service and communications company. The Western Union is an American-based financial services. It has various divisions that are located in various countries of the world. The Western Union deals in person2person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services. The best thing about the Western Union is the availability of a system of business payments and commercial services that make it best. The Western Union is a means for online money transferring quickly and easily. The other best function of Western Union is that it is a two-way financial service. Most of the financial services in the world are used for sending money from one part of the world to another money. However, Western Union is among those financials services that let the customers send and receive money. Moreover, Western Union can be also used for paying bills as well.

At present, Western Union is offering its financial services on over 218 countries of the world from developed to under developing countries. The Western Union has also a system of tracking the transfer. The customers of Western Union can track the bill payment and money transfer by providing the some detail that they provided at the time of submission. Both sender and receiver can use this service.

Western Union Official Website

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