10 Interesting Facts About Abdul Sattar Edhi and Edhi Foundation


Abdul Sattar Edhi, a man who established a charity empire from nothing, died at the age of 88. Born on January 01, 1928, Edhi was said to be “The World’s Greatest Living Humanitarian” by The Huffington Post. For his greatest humanitarian work, he was also called as the Angel of Mercy and Baba-e-Khidmat of the 21st century.13627209_1014468715315688_5700195499034186329_n


We have collected some interesting fact about a great legend and the most respected Pakistani figure to pay him the tribute.

1. Setting of World’s Largest Charity Foundation

He established one of the largest charity foundations Edhi Foundation from a nominal amount of Rs. 5,000. Saying this will not be wrong he established a charity empire from nothing. During his whole life, he helped people of every class without any religion and identity discrimination.

2. He Lead a Simple Life

He was known for his ascetic lifestyle, having two pairs of clothes and living in an apartment where he spent his whole life.

3. Shield of Honor by Pakistan Army

He was awarded Shield of Honor by Pakistan Army for promoting the cause of social welfare service in Rawalpindi. Only a few people were able to get this award by Pak Army.


4. Travel Issues by Developed Countries Despite the Fact He was Legend

Whatever your status in the world is, still you can be badly treated if you have a beard and simple dress. Edhi was first arrested by Israeli troops in the early 1980s when was entering Lebanon. He was detained in 2006 in Toronto, Canada for 16 hours. In 2008, his passport and travel documents were seized by YS officials at the John F. Kennedy Airport. When Edhi was asked about this frequent detention, he replied, “I can think of is my beard and my dress.”

5. International Recognition

Abdul Sattar Edhi and his foundation won over a dozen international awards for providing services to the society.

6. He Even Donated His Organs

His last wishes included the request that his organs were to be donated but due to his ill health, only his corneas were suitable.

7. He was Fighting with Diseases for Past Many Years

Despite the fact, he himself was fighting with diseases still his motto for serving the society was high.

8. Edhi Foundation Runs the World’s Largest Ambulance Service

Edhi Foundation runs the largest ambulance service in the world. Almost two thousand ambulances are currently operational that offers twenty-four emergency services.

9. Edhi Foundation at International Level

Besides Pakistan, Edhi Foundation is also working at international level. The foundation has run relief operations in Caucasus region, Middle East, Africa and even in the United States and eastern Europe.

10. Take Care of the Poor of My Country, his last words

His last words were “take care of the poor of my country”. He remembered the poor in his entire life.



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