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15 Examples of Pakistani English Version That Will Make You Laugh

English is very important in the era of the 21st century where most of the content is available in the international language. Either it is medical field, accountancy, engineering or anything else, most of the content available on international level or study method is in English in most of the countries.

Just like most of the countries of the world, English is gradually spreading in Pakistan in term of popularity. But still we are at that level where people learn something to influence the others. In the scheme of influencing the others with their Pink English, Pakistanis sometimes make a deadly blunder that can force anyone to laugh for hours.

Check out some common examples of Pakistani style English version that will make you laugh.


Not sure either it is dating or dainting. Google say big NO in return of this word.


Second one is not a big mistake but what about fourth one ‘Die’. Go at your own risk


Twenty-one gun salute to this company for being international ‘Hole Salers’


Offenders will be jailed for not following the instructions.


Pink English at its high. Not confirm either it is painter mistake or he only did what was instructed.


She is the major stakeholder in motivating others to go with every style of English


Attention, please! Different rates will be applied for different activities.


Keep the distance if you want safety


Don’t warry after reading this. Spell of words according to Pakistani accent is very easy.


The main thing is to deliver the message only. So, enjoy what he wants to say


Today original is the antonym of China. Even Chinese people have ‘Made in China’ President 😛


He wants to say bed sheets. Don’t take it seriously. You will get from here what you are looking for.


According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations keeping the ‘Bum’ safe is the fundamental right of every human being.


We Pakistani will never love you Bush. We will take revenge even from your name also


We are so busy that failed in delivering the right message. Red sorry is for both At Work and Incontinence.

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