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5G soon to be launched in Pakistan, says Ahsan Iqbal

(Last Updated On: 07/09/2016)

Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal while taking to the event ‘Pakistan StartUP Cup’ said that the government is planning to launch 5th generation soon to ensure the fastest connectivity across the country.

Ahsan Iqbal also claimed that western countries consider Pakistan as ideal place for investing now and also told about his leadership roles from taking country out from horrible terrorism crisis.

At the same time those who are satisfied with 3G-4G should think twice as 2020 is the year of launch of 5G, and surprisingly Pakistan might be one of the first countries to test latest technology 5G.

Earlier, Pakistani Minister for IT, Anusha Rehman, confirmed with ProPakistani that they are putting in efforts to get 5G testing before anywhere else.

If that happens it will be a great news for the Pakistan to hand the latest technology before the anyone in the world, and for sure it will be taking things to the whole new standard.

On the other hand, Zong cane be the one to get hands on to the 5G as it seems showing some interest to be part of the IMT Advanced Group, which is a group of early operators and vendors who will be testing the 5G services at first in 2020 after its launch.

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