Arshi Khan clad in Abaya extends Umrah wishes to Shahid Afridi

Arshi Khan tried her all the very best to support Shahid Afridi in her style in ICC World T20 2016. But it seems that it really didn’t worked for Shahid Afridi, it even put on more pressure to the struggling captain of Pakistan cricket team.

It will be worth mentioning that this small time model from Bihar got into the limelight with claiming that she holds sexual relations with the Boom Boom.

Afridi strait way negated all such claims of the model, but that was even enough for Arshi to create the hype. Using this Arshi had made dozens of videos messages for Shahid Afridi, which have also served the purpose for her.

Now the ICC World T20 2016 is also over and Arshi was struggling to get her way back in the headlines. She knowing that Afridi has gone for offering Umrah, availed the opportunity, and bombed a video message for him.

The video message was a way different than earlier initiated by the Indian model, in this video she is seen wearing Abaya for the Pakistani star all-rounder.

It won’t be wrong that the latest video message by Arshi Khan for Shahid Afridi was first of its type, as earlier she used to pose nude or in some hot avatars.

Arshi Khan’s latest video for Shahid Afridi


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