Nissan Plans to Launch Datsun GO and GO+ in Pakistan


Nissan is planning to introduce its two recent family cars in Pakistan. These are Datsun GO and GO+ that are likely to launch by the Nissan in Pakistan in near future. The new Datsun GO and GO+ are doing well in India and now it is turn for Pakistan. Based on the distinctive front grille to is athletic rear shoulders and integrated with the state of the art technologies, both model of Nissan looks modern and high-tech at the same time. There are many reasons that makes the both models one of the best vehicles by the Nissan.


Nissan is not only modern; it is the house of those details that make the drive comfortable and reflect the quality as well. Impressive acceleration and fuel efficiency and then then the fully crafted interior and exterior id designed for the way the driver really live.

Both the models of Nissan are stuffed with the loved features either it is about its stretched body design or the style that makes it stand out from the crowd. Here are the specifications and pictures of the both of the models. With the strong shoulder line, impressive wheel arches and the robust body are the new benchmark and design in the both models.

Nissan Datsun GO Specifications

Datsun GO

Datsun GO Images:

Nissan Datsun GO+ SpecificationsDatsun GO+

Datsun GO+ Images:

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