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ICC World T20 2016 Pakistan vs India venue Kolkata! Confirmed

(Last Updated On: 09/03/2016)

Yet it is not announced that arch rivals Pakistan and India will be locking horns in Dharmashala or any other venue. But we are up  with a news that Pakistan and India will be  facing on the very same date.

We got the confirmation of Kolkata as a venue for the high-voltage match from a renown sports journalist of Pakistan.

As mentioned above the formal announcement regarding Pak vs Ind will be made at 5pm by the cricketing governing and regulating body, International Cricket Council (ICC).

Following the schedule announced by ICC earlier Pakistan vs Indian match was scheduled to be held at Dharamsahala on March 19, 2016.

From last several years Pakistan vs India matches have become quite rare as they have not been playing any bilateral series. Although, in that duration they have met several times in the mega events.

Here it should be kept mention that as per the plan Pakistan cricket team was supposed to leave for the mega event on 8 March but due to security concerns the government has not yet given the green signal to join the world cup. Both men and women teams have not leaved for the ICC World T20 as the Pakistani delegation which left for security inspection purpose in India has not shown a positive gesture over Pak vs India at Dharamshala.

Update: Pak vs Ind ICC World T20 


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