Mother’s Day Special: Here’s how to say ‘Mother’ in 40 different languages

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 08/05/2016)

Mother’s Day is being celebrated worldwide on different dates, most commonly in March and May the day is marked every year. As its  the second Sunday of May, and majority of the countries are celebrating Mothers Day today.

So to get a shout to all, we will be telling you how to say ‘Mother’ in 50 different languages.

The day is being celebrated today in around 42 countries including Pakistan. People around the globe arrange get together with their families or pay tribute to their mothers for upbringing them in a better way.

How to say ‘Mother’ in 40 different languages

Hungarian: Anya

Indonesian: Ibu

Japanese: 母 (Haha)

Arabicأم (Omm)

Aragones: Mai

Asturian: Ma

Belarusan: Matka

Croatian: Mati, Majka

Danish: Mor

Dutch: Moer, Moeder

Lithuanian: Motina

Marathi: Aayi

Swedish: Mueter

Spanish: Madre, Mamá, Mami

Zulu: Umama

Somali: hooyo

Afrikaans: ma

Hausa: Uwar

Turkish: Anne

Persian: مادر (Madar)

Urdu: ماں (Maa)

Hmong:  Niam

Norwegian: Mor

Turkmen: Eje

Valencian: Mare

Welsh: Mam

Vietnamese: Me


Chinese: 母亲 (Mǔqīn)

Macedonian: Majka

Japanese: Okaasan, Haha

Italian: Madre, Mamma

Fillipino: Ina

Finnish: Äiti

Sindhi: ماءُ (Maoo)

Punjabi: ਮਾਤਾ (Mata)

Uzbek: Ona

Galician: Nai

Estonian: Ema

Basque: Amak

Zulu: Umama

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