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Skype Announces Free Mobile Group Video Calling for Smartphones

(Last Updated On: 13/01/2016)

Since the launch of Skype, they are equipping it with more and more features to make it more appealing and useful to public. Users of Skype have entertained themselves with more than 2 trillion of free minutes calling which is most for any social networking site. Their instant video connectivity helps the users to get in touch with the people immediately. Users can also exchange text and video messages, files and images, as well as create conference calls. As the world moves on to technology, people attending marriages of their loved ones to a student attending his convocation on Skype. Employs giving their interviews to companies to the owner of the company giving the order to its subordinates. It’s all happening due to Skype.

But now, Skype came up with a new scintillating feature -group video calling on Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 Mobile. Skype on its official twitter account has declared that this video calling and instant messaging service is going to add free group video calling to its mobile apps. Announcement of this feature is very much appreciated by the dedicated users of the Skype and they are declaring it an amusing feature. Free video group calling would entertain the users in many ways.

Skype announces this feature on its tenth anniversary. This feature would increase their popularity as already Skype is favourite among social network platforms in video calling and instant messaging services. Mobile users were already entertaining themselves with one to one calls but now it’s made official that they will enjoy group calling as well, as desktop users.

Google hangouts were already providing this service, it was mandatory for the Skype to launch this service in cell phones to redeem the competition. As the market is switching towards the smartphones and tabs so mobile apps play a vital role to remain ‘in’ in the market.

To get a sneak-peak, users are required to register themselves to get the privilege of free video calling in groups. Small piece of information is needed to enjoy this feature of Skype. Email address, device name, country and Skype name is necessary to register yourself at Skype portal and after getting a confirmation message on your mail, you go with this wonderful feature.

Register at: http://10years.skype.com

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