2 Pakistani Momina and Resham named in BBC’s 100 Most Influential Women

Lots of Pakistani women are getting recognition and acclamation for their work at international level. This shows women empowerment is gradually increasing in Pakistan. This year again two Pakistani women have made place in the BBC List of 100 Inspirational and Innovative Women for 2017.

The latest ones who got fame with the BBC List of Powerful Women are singing sensation Momina Mustheshen and a Muslim aspiring model Resham Khan.

According to the recent release of a list of BBC, both have earned place because of being inspirational and source of motivation for most of the women.

Commenting on her name in the BBC 100 Women 2017 List, Momina Mustehsan commented, “The quote that helped me the most with my life was: It only gets better when you get better. Would you believe I found this on the inside of a New York takeaway fortune cookie when I was binge-eating my way through depression? That woke me up.”

Momina Mustehsan

Job: Musician
Age: 25
Country of Birth: Pakistan

Resham Khan

Job: Student

Age: 21

Country of Birth: UK

Resham Khan was the other name in the list. She is a student from Manchester who survived in an acid attack and has refused to hide away from the world when it has seemed the scariest. On the occasion of her name in the notable list, she quoted the quote of John Maxwell, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”

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