Facts and Figures about Cancer in Pakistan

Cancer is a group of disease in which there is abnormal growth of cells which spread or invade into other parts of the body. Cancer is a fatal disease and has its treatment is also very painful. The disease is claiming more lives than ever before.
In Pakistan it is spreading at a high rate, only in the year 2015, it claimed 100,000 lives in Pakistan. The cases related to lung cancer and breast cancer are higher in numbers. According to reports, every year 300,000 new cancer cases are recorded. In the year 2012, the number of new cases every year was 148,000. The difference tells us that from 2012 to 2017 the cancer cases have doubled.

In the last 23 years of Shaukat Khanum, cancer hospital total of 89629 cases registered in which 4825 were at beginning stages while 84803 were malignant. According to the SKMCH & RC statistics out of these 89629 cases, 48.44 percent were male patients, and 51.56 percent of the cases were of females. The top types of cancers were breast cancer, leukemia and lip & oral cavity cancer. It worth mentioning here that the about cancer cases were together for both gender. According to the gender, most of the cancer cases for males were prostate, colon, rectum, anal canal and anus and lip, and oral cavity cancers. In females breast cancer, ovary and uterine adnexa and lip & oral cavity cancer. The above statistics are according to the official website of Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital.

It is worth mentioning here that 40 percent of the cancer cases are curable if diagnosed at the right time. Further to this Pakistan needs to give a clear vision to its residents about the fight against cancer. It is essential that there should be a national plan to reduce cancer. The disease can be avoided by simple things like avoiding tobacco, at least 30-minute workout a day, eating healthy food, green and fresh vegetables and keeping some anti-cancer herbs in your life.


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