Hina Altaf opens about being abused by mother and leaving house at age of 21

Hina Altaf is one of the most looked out for drama actresses in Pakistan, what makes her worth that much is her beauty that comes with the exceptional acting skills as well. Working as an icing on the cake, her innocent-looking face has been winning the hearts now for several years. You actually know the on-screen quintessential Hina Altaf but there is something you never got chance to know about this drama star.

But now finally she has open up about her past, struggle and of course much you actually not even expected off. During an interview with Sameena Peerzada, Hina Altaf went on sharing the darkest times of her life, her teenage. The gorgeous actress has first time in an interview opened up about domestic abuse she faced during her teenage by her own mother.

This discussion came on Sameena Peerzada’s show ‘Speak Your Heart’, the ‘Gumrah’ actress literally took it too seriously and told about all the chapters of life. He even went on telling that she would even get bruises and injuries due to severe beating by mother and as soon as she would reach the sets, cast and crew members would ask her many questions, which she used to lie in response even once saying that she got bruises due to careless ironing.

With facing too much of obstructions and abuses which even put Hina in depression during her teenage, she finally left the home at age of 21 as none of her parents was supported towards her career-oriented approach.

It should be noted here that on this mothers’ day she shared a subtle message by showing Tattoo on the wrist which read  ‘Alam’, who was none of her mother and. Here is what Mother’s day post read: “When everyone in this world shares their picture with their mothers … I share my wrist … showing off the name of the man who supported me in every possible way any blood relation would … HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!! To the person who hugged me even in my darkest times with my darkest flaws… I LOVE YOU … How proud I am to have this man in my life … more than a mother greater than a father … HERO FOR ME!!! #ALAM.”

She even opened about Alam, who is actually her doctor.

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