How to Check Saudi Iqama Expiry / Validity Date Online?

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(Last Updated On: 08/05/2018)

Iqama or Muqeem is a personal identity card and residence or work permit card for the expatriates who came to Saudi Arabia for work. Iqama is applicable after the expiry of your 90 days working visa.
Iqama is needed for you and your dependents living in Saudi Arabia. It contains a number that is ur id which is required everywhere. Iqama also is known as muqeem card is valid for five years and it must be renewed every year.

How to Check Saudi Iqama Expiry / Validity Date Online?

You can easily check your Saudi Iqama Expiry and Validity Date Online on Officcial web of Moi(Ministry of Interiour) just click on this link

Check Saudi Iqama Expiry

Now write your Iqama number in Identity block and enter Image code.then it will be appear like this.


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