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1 lac Jobs Offered to skilled Pakistani by Qatar Government

In September 2018, A meeting took place between Foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi and his Qatari counterpart Muhammad bin Abdulrahman in New York. In the meeting, both countries agreed to enhance and strengthen their bilateral relations and to cooperate in the economic and trade sector. During the meeting, Qatar’s Foreign Minister offered to give 1 lac jobs to Pakistanis, who are skillful and can-do work in Qatar. He also congratulated SM Qureshi on successful elections being carried out in Pakistan.

According to the official statement, both countries appreciated the close brotherly relationship and vowed to make the alliance stronger in the future. Shah Mehmood Qureshi was pleased to see an increase in bilateral trade and he also said that it is essential to tap into the economic potential between the two nations by increasing exports in the following sectors:

  • Sports good
  • Fabrics
  • Food items
  • Medical equipment
  • Construction material

Before the meeting between two countries, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan called SM Qureshi and emphasized on the matter of jobs for Pakistanis. The government of Qatar took this matter seriously and offered 1 lac jobs to Pakistanis.

A few days back PM Imran Khan visited Qatar officially for two days and met the Qatari leadership to discuss bilateral relations and cooperation.   He met the business and investment community of Qatar, and he also addressed the Pakistani community during his visit. Pakistani community gave a warm welcome to Prime Minister Imran Khan and they were really happy to see their PM among them.

Well, a day before, Qatari government officially accept the request of 1 lac jobs and they will discuss the rest of the matter with Pakistani Government. Prime Minister of Pakistani thanked the Qatari government for accepting his request.

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