The Pakistani Female Lawmaker Hina Butt meet Karan Johar at the World Economic Forum

The concept of the world as a global village that was once assumed as a mere dream has now been transformed into a reality. It is difficult to survive on the globe without interacting with people in other parts of the world. Regardless of the profession, social status and the education anyone can come really close. World economic forum is a great forum to bring the people closer in the name of progress, prosperity, and learning. It tries to bring together the people from all walks of life. It provides the opportunity to the great minds and rights to share and learn from each other. As the people come closer they get inspired by the eminent people from all over the world and try to sow a better future for the community and country they have come from.

A similar effort was done a few days back when the World Economic forum arranged a stage for renowned people from all over the world. People came, met and took back not just memories but a great deal of experience too.

The news of a successful Pakistani woman Hina Butt meeting the great men from other parts of the world became viral as she posted her pictures from the forum on the Twitter. The pictures included her meet up with the famous filmmaker Karan Johar from the neighboring country, Swiss President Ueli Maurer and the Indian pilot Kanika Tekriwal.

Hina Butt herself is a popular entrepreneur. She is also a  popular lawmaker and the philanthropist. She holds the distinction of becoming the Yung Global Leader 2016 by the World Economic Forum.

This is an excellent opportunity for the people from Pakistan to represent Pakistan and to bring home the experience they have gained from the people from other parts of the world.


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