ARY Digital Drama Serial “Beti” Cast, Story and OST

Another new drama serial, “Beti” on aired on ARY digital, covering one of the critical issues of gender discrimination. The heart-wrenching drama not only displays the indiscrimination between genders but also highlights illiteracy and ignorance as the core cause behind the issue.

Drama Serial “Beti” Story:

Drama presentations an empowering grandmother, with an orthodox mentality about gender discrimination. However, Fareeda her daughter-in-law and Sonia, granddaughter-in-law is considered not to be more than the housemaids. Meanwhile, Sonia, who is going to give birth to her first child, is forced to visit Peer Baba and comply with him, in order to be blessed with a baby boy.  But knowingly the disgusting mentality of the family, sadly, poor Sonia has to take her new born’s life with her own hands, as she was a girl.

Not only Dadi but the son Hashim also second her in her thoughts. He is one nasty man, doing anything for his lust. He agrees with his son, Azar to marry a girl of his choice, apart from such big difference in their lifestyles. Maryam is an only daughter, whose father has been died, leaving a lot of heritage for her. After their marriage, when Maryam expects to give birth to her child, noxious Dadi once again pressurizes Maryam to visit the Peer to have his blessings for a baby boy. Maryam being a literate girl, refuses to give into Dadi’s filthy obligations and gives birth to a girl. Raged Dadi and Hashim, plot evil against Maryam and with the help of a nurse, they make the baby girl disappear from the hospital.

However, Maryam once again with the strength of her character searches for her daughter and finds her from a heap of dirt inside the hospital. Maryam knowing all the reality of Hashim and Dadi tries to make Azar believe in her as well. Trusting his father and Dadi blindly, Azar refuses to believe in her, saying it’s just her delusional thoughts and nothing else. Teased by Dadi and Hashim, Maryam leaves the home and goes to her mother’s place. In the recent episode, Hashim along with his mother, calls Maryam’s mother to set a deal with her. They ask her to sell her home and give money to them, as this is the only way Maryam can come back. Mother does like what they ask her to do. She sells the home and gives money to Hashim. Meanwhile, Dadi asks Azar to forgive Maryam and bring her back. Greedy Hashim, to satisfy his lust, invests all the money to his business without any guilt.

Drama Serial “Beti” Cast

  • Saheefa Jabbar Khattak
  • Fahad Mirza
  • Asma Abbas
  • Hassan Ahmed
  • Javed Sheikh
  • Zainab Ahmed

Drama Serial “Beti” OST:


Teaser of Drama Serial “Beti”:

YouTube video
YouTube video

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