Asim Azhar to Collaborate with American band Krewella For Upcoming Album “Zero”

Music plays a unique role globally. It unites people, serves as a form of communication, expresses feelings or shares lessons. In Pakistan, music plays a vital role in its rich culture, especially in youth. The youth is very attracted to upbeat, high pitched, funky themed or simply sweet and fun lyrics to keep up with the beat. What really adds flavor to music is when there is collaboration. Collaboration can be through independent artists, bands or even two or more countries! Here we will explore how the Pakistani music industry is going to places by recently collaborating with an American band!

Asim Azhar, an emerging male artist, and heartthrob of Pakistan is collaborating with American electronic dance music band Krewella. This fantastic collaboration has a beautiful reason to it, both parties are coming together to work for a song called Paradise in the upcoming album Zero.

Asim Azhar has a very unique background in the music industry of Pakistan. He gained fame at an unprecedented pace. He not only won the hearts of Pakistanis at home but Pakistanis abroad too. He is not only known for his voice but his smile and outgoing friendly personality. Asim has gained the credibility for his work through major contributions, Such contributions include working at Coke Studio with various artists such as Aima Baig and Momina Mustehsan but also being featured in other songs too.

The American band Krewella consists of two young ladies, Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf, who are sisters. The band is known for producing mainly electronic dance music, since its inception in 2007. An interesting fact about the sisters is of their Pakistani descent through their paternal roots. Their father is Pakistani. They are very well known for their unique made music and have two albums very well known, ‘’Get Wet’’ and ‘’Zer0’’.

This collaboration is a pride for both nations in so many ways. Not only does it demonstrate a mutual exchange of values and understanding of the music world but share a friendly love for it too. We expect to hear this awesome song coming up very soon.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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